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Find a public employee through the search or add a custom individual.

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What's this all about?

CostClock was developed as a resource to be used in meetings to remind people that time is valuable and should be spent wisely.

How can I help improve meetings?

What happens when I add and remove people from the meeting?

The amount displayed is based on the total time elapsed and the total salaries of all the participants.

Who are all these people in the search?

The people in the search are public employees in New Jersey. Salary information for New Jersey public employees is freely available. That data is sourced from the following locations:

What do you do with the new participants added to this meeting?

For the people you add to the meeting (as opposed to selecting from the public employees), they are only tracked within your browser session. In the future, a feature may be to retain people and have them available through the search. The people you then add would be stored in your browser's LocalStorage.

We do not track the entry of custom people and their salaries.

How else am I tracked?

Like most websites, we use some visitor tracking (in this case Google Analytics) and requests against the search functionality is logged. The logs are only retained for 60 days.

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